MF Power
High lights and benefits
- Output matching transformer is built in. No external box is required.
- Air cooled unit. No risk associated with moisture or water leakage.
- Full power with ambient temperature up to 40°C
- Fieldbus interface available upon request.
- Front panel display makes installation and trouble shooting easier.
- High efficiency > 90%
- Compact and lightweight construction, only 20kg, 4UI
Application Target
The BDS-MF10K is a compact AC plasma source operating at fixed frequency of 40kHz,
capable of 10kW output power on an impedance level from 600 to 2500
Ohm or with output voltage, at full power from 2500 to 5000 Volts(pure sinewave).

The unit is specifically designed to be operated on large chamber PECVD systems with twin electrodes.

Tipically 2 process phases are needed
- One or more Plasma cleaning steps with argon or air injection. Plasma voltage lies from 2500 to 3500V
- HDMSO vapor deposition step. Sometimes mixed with argon or oxygen. Here, because of HDMSO
  nature the impedance is higher and the voltage lies from 3500 to 5000V
Pulse DC Power
Pulsed Power Supplies
MAGPULS's pulsing products are designed for higher process quality, uniformity, and throughput for both reactive and metallic processes where straight dc sputtering is mot adequate.
Benefits of pulsed dc power supplies
- Reduces substrate damages caused by arcing
- Improves film properties-making denser, tougher, brighter films
- Significantly reduces particle contamination
- Higher power operation
- Higher Ion energy
- Lower substrate temperature
- Lower target temperature
- Process flexibility and latitude
- Easy system integration
- Increasing throughput by permitting operation at higher power
- Reduces target contamination, allowing wider process latitude
- Improves deposition and yield rates in reactive and metal processes
- Increasing deposition time by reducing or eliminating arcing

The MAGPULS up model is special designed for the different requirements of bias applications.
- Plasma PVD
- Plasma CVD
- Plasma Nitriding
- Single Magnetron Sputtering

The power levels are available from 1 kW DC up to 300 kW DC with maximum peak current form 3 Amps up to 1000 Amps.
Dual Power
Pulsed Power Supplies
The MAGPULS bp product line offers the most flexibility with its bipolar pulsed dc, These products are designed for single- and dual-cathode spttering with power levels from 1 kW dc up to 300 kW dc and peak current form 5Amps up to 1000Amps.
Fields of application with the bipolar pulse technique
- Plasma cleaning
- Plasma etching
- Plasma PVD
- Plasma CVD
- Single- and dual-cathode sputtering
- Plasma polymerisation
Plasma monitoring, Plasma analysis, Plasma control System device for a smooth
Product Tree
Product Components
1) Emicon
Main Features
(1) Multi-Channel setup
    - Multi-process chamber application
    - Spatial resolution for large area plasmas
(2) Spectral broad-band monitoring
    - Advanced plasma process analysis
    - Solid plasma process control
(3) Set-point functions
    - End-point detection
    - Quality control
(4) Advanced PID control
    - Reactive magnetron sputtering
(5) Recipe manager
    - Multi-process switching
    - Multi-layer processes
(6) EMICON Software
    - Real-time peration
    - Features for all plasma applications
    - Recipe manager
    - Trigger functions
    - Analog/Digital outputs for system control
    - Software interface for system integration
    - Reliable 24/7 operation
    - Administrator/user mode
    - Easy-to-use (standard user interface)
    - Windows software
    - Update support
2) Optics
Optics for In-Vacuum and Ex-vacuum
Optical fibers and collimator optics
Optical vacuum feedthroughs
Straight and right-angled optical head
Optics with coating protection
3) SpecLine Software
- Easy handing of spectral data
- Instant identification of spectral lines
- Unique database including molecules
- Database updates ensure up-to-date data
- Valuable tool for all scientists and engineers working with spectral data
Order Production
Can be customized what you need.
DC Power Spec (Voltage : 50V, Current : 200A)